Bring opportunities closers to learners and teachers

To students, ALT IELTS Gia Su gives them the opportunity to apply the learning methods they feel comfortable in acquiring new knowledge and skills. To our teaching partners, we help them be able to spend more quality time for themselves and with families. To the industry, we change the game. To our investors, our system has unlimited scalability.

Established in 2015, ALT IELTS Gia Su have tested our core product, IELTS tutoring courses, in one-and-half year. We launched the web version of our system in September 2016, and will introduce our mobile app at full scale by early 2018. We expect to leverage our system to multiple educational products and markets by the end of the following year.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr. David Lam Viet Nguyen

CEO/Founder Read More

Mr. Hieu Phan

Head of Engineering Read More

Mr. Lam Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer Read More

Mr. Hien Nguyen

Sales Director Read More